Creating Sustainable Technology for a Greener World

Next Generation

Plating Technology

Uniform Nano crystalline coating
with programmable plating equipment
Customized instruments for
Industry applicatons and Research Labs.

Innovation Takes Flight

Building Disruptive Technology to Boost the Life of Critical Parts
using Green Pulse Plating Process. Fully Automated system
designed for Aerospace and Defence applications.

Driving the Future

of Transportation

Discover how Greenotronix Technology
can replace CVD and PVD at
less than half the cost.
Unlock the potential of Green process.

Creating A Sustainable Future

Our Green Technology is powering everything from Fuel cells to Solar Energy.
Building Sustainable energy for a Greener World. 

Precision Starts Here

Single Instruments for all Testing Applications. Explore how
High Precision Electronic Load can suit your Testing Needs.